It’s been a busy January in Kilgoris and we’re off to a great start this new year. Read on for news and updates from our friends in Kenya!

This Monday, TKP’s 1,900+ students and 100+ teachers and staff members eagerly returned to our school grounds for an exciting 2023 school year! Thanks to your investment, our students arrived to fully stocked classrooms, ready to learn, grow and thrive.

Meet two TKP STARS: Join us in congratulating Sheryl N. (left) and Carolina K. (right). These two young ladies were TKP’s top-scoring eighth graders on the KCPE (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education) exam. Their hard work and dedication to their education places them among the top students in the Kilgoris region.

More to celebrate: In the Kilgoris division, TKP ranked #1 out of 33 public schools in KCPE testing! TKP’s eighth graders are all advancing to high school thanks to your generosity and unwavering partnership. Congratulations to our graduates and thank you for YOUR commitment to their education!