Ololturot campus is now home to a new teacher housing complex for up to 20 teachers and family members. The Ololturot teacher housing has everything a family needs to live comfortably and thrive, including private residences with kitchens and appliances, bedrooms, living spaces, showers, and a courtyard.

“Teacher housing is a strategic investment in our staff and our campuses,” explains David Lemiso, Executive Director. “Offering convenient and comfortable housing allows us to attract and retain highly qualified teachers to our rural communities. This investment in our teachers ensures our students have high-quality classroom instruction and mentors right on campus.”

“With this new home on campus for my family, I’ll be able to work on my lessons efficiently and serve the girls in a greater way with my presence here at Ololturot. Thank you, TKP supporters!”

– Ololturot Grade 2 Teacher, Madam Dorcas (pictured with students)